Gigatech Pte Ltd is Singapore based Technology Startup with an attuned interest in Fintech, Block chain, AR-VR applications, IoT & Software based solutions.

Founded in 2017 and backed by DataSoft, one of the leading software companies from Bangladesh with CMMi Level 5 and ISO 9001: 2008 certification; Gigatech aims to provide qualitative, scalable and user friendly web and application development with a local contact point. Cost effective and Service oriented approach sets Gigatech apart from others.

Singapore overtakes Silicon Valley as No. 1 for global start-up talent

Recent reports show that Singapore has overtaken tech mecca Silicon Valley as world's No. 1 for start-up talent.

The report by Start-up Genome project, a US-based organisation, credits Singapore's innovative policies for its success as great start-up ecosystem. Singapore's performance numbers are solid and will probably continue to rise.

Along with a geographical location that renders it an easy access point to up-and-coming tech markets in South-east Asia, Singapore's 1,600-2,400 tech start-ups enjoy significant government subsidies and the country's strategies are working to establish local tech start-ups as globally relevant companies. Singapore also has the third highest level of global connectedness of all top 20 ecosystems outperforming Silicon Valley.

Why outsource with DataSoft to Bangladesh

Today, Bangladesh has more than 1,500 IT and ITES companies that jointly work for more than 250,000 ICT professionals. DataSoft is one of the biggest players. Bangladesh is at the top of emerging IT outsourcing destinations with specializations such as "Mobile Services & Applications", "Performance of Graphic Design" (image editing, banner creation). IT outsourcers in Bangladesh providing quality knowledge and expertise at competitive rates.