About Us

Gigatech has been setup in Singapore keeping in mind that Singapore has overtaken tech mecca Silicon Valley as world's No. 1 for start-up talent. The report by Start-up Genome project, a US-based organization, credits Singapore's innovative policies for its success as great start-up ecosystem. Singapore's performance numbers are solid and will probably continue to rise. Along with a geographical location that renders it an easy access point to up-and-coming tech markets in South- east Asia, Singapore's 1,600-2,400 tech start-ups enjoy significant government subsidies and the country's strategies are working to establish local tech start-ups as globally relevant companies. Singapore also has the third highest level of global connectedness of all top 20 ecosystems outperforming Silicon Valley.

Why Out Source With Us?

Gigatech has the capacity to offer a wide range of products and services that includes exclusive Fintech products with cutting edge technologies and inclusion of most aggressive and innovative tools at our disposal such as blockchain, machine learning, artificial intelligence & big data analysis.

This is possible because our top notch technology partners, who are major role players in the software industry with remarkable feats and outstanding pedigree and quality certifications such as CMMI Level 5 for the maturity of the software life cycle and processes, ISO 9001:2015 for Quality assurance and PCI DSS certification for payment processing. Apart from working in traditional software and applications, we also have substantial effort, experience and teams working in disruptive technologies.

Gigatech aims to provide combine its years of experience working in Fintech with the resourceful skillset of the partners to provide unparalleled product line and reliable service delivery with an extent of customization, proliferation and adaptation of technologies which is essential for companies to survive in today’s capricious world.